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Our Vision

Making Quality Higher Education Accessible For All.

Our Mission

To Ensure a Consistent Legacy of Giving Back to the Sociecity.

About Us

ILM Fund, the project of ILM Trust founded by the late Dr. Hasan Sohaib Murad in 1990 is the Nation’s Largest Self Funded Scholarship Program. It is the largest Not-for-Profit organization in the higher educational sector of Pakistan. We envision making Quality Higher Education accessible for the underprivileged sector of the society and our mission is to ensure a consistent legacy of giving back.

Over the past three decades, ILM Fund has strived to provide youngsters lacking financial means access to quality higher education and so far have dispersed PKR 10 Billion to 28,000 beneficiaries through various grants and scholarships. An average of 58% students are availing various scholarships, helping UMT maintain an impressive financial aid award ratio of 1:5.

Our foundations are laid on the idea of turning mediocre minds into exceptional leaders through the power of education. The cause that we are striving for will help to boost up strong foundations for social responsibility eventually encouraging more people to study and pursue their educational goals.

Help and Support

The possibilities of dreams can only truly be grasped by those who have dared to dream themselves. ILM Fund knows the importance of investing in dreams for it is the result of one itself. A dream of a Pakistan where no student misses out on his or her aspiration of building a better tomorrow only owing to a lack of monetary means.
Over the last three decades, ILM Fund has helped more than 28,000+ individuals realize their dream of attaining higher education and turning around their and their families’ lives through generous need and merit based scholarships worth over Rs 10 billion in scholarships.
Initially limited to funding deserving students enrolled at University of Management and Technology, ILM Fund has now decided to expand its operations and fund students pursuing higher education in any university, anywhere in Pakistan.